Lors de son passage à la radio sur Morning Riot à Chicago, Kanye West a dévoilé un peu plus d'infos sur sa collaboration avec Adidas.

"I looked at the adidas contract, I looked at the Nike contract and I looked in my daughter's eyes and made the decision I needed to make to be able to expand my ability to make product" Kanye West

Il a notamment travaillé sur 20 modèles de sneakers avec les designers d'Adidas, ainsi que sur une collection pour hommes et pour femmes. La sortie de la collection Kanye West x Adidas est prévue pour le mois de septembre 2014.

"We designed the entire women's collection. We designed the entire men's collection. And we designed 20 shoes. We coming in September."

Il a également évoqué Nike et les raisons de son départ:

"You need to hear this in Portland. Listen at the Nike Campus, that methodology, that’s not going to work. All of this leveraging and extortion is not going to work now because I’m at adidas. The game is flipped now. There’s nobody you can run to and nowhere you can hide right now."

"I’ve been under the wings, playing it the right way at Nike and everything but I’ve wanted to create more and not been able to create more for no reason. Now I have a new product partner with adidas. I just got back from Germany yesterday and it was one of the greatest creative days of my life."

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via Complex